Purpose + Impact

At Biogen, our mission is clear: we are pioneers in neuroscience. We care deeply about making a difference and we are passionate about our commitment to patients, our employees, the environment and the communities where we live and work. The foundation for these commitments is reflected in our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) – an approach that we believe provides real benefit for our business and the world.

Our purpose is to improve the lives of patients, which is echoed in our philosophy:  Caring Deeply. Working Fearlessly. Changing Lives.™ Using our expertise and technology, we have pioneered drug discovery and we remain committed to expanding access to new potential treatments with the goal of making a meaningful difference in the lives of people suffering from devastating neurological conditions. This continued pursuit of scientific and therapeutic excellence is powered by the talent and commitment of our people. As champions for diversity and inclusion, we steadfastly believe that humanity benefits when employees can bring their whole selves to work and contribute to their fullest potential.

We strongly believe in the importance of science – for our business and for the environment. Our climate reduction targets are science-based and we embed science and context in our broader commitment to environmental sustainability. We also aim to inspire future generations of scientists and we believe this approach is central to our mission as we build on our legacy of science and discovery to pursue increasingly complex challenges in neuroscience.

We are passionate about our CSR efforts: they reflect who we are, and our commitment to patients and the overarching goal of health. They also create value for our business and the world – helping us attract the best and brightest and sparking innovation to not only change lives, but also change the world we live in for the better.