Human Performance for Safety

Human Performance’s Proactive Approach Produces Improved Safety and Quality Results

  • Human Performance (Hu) fosters collaboration at all levels, helping to resolve issues before and after the fact
  • New leading indicators with Hu measure safety as a capacity rather than a result

We believe focusing on human interaction with processes and systems, rather than on human error, can be a key driver to understanding and improving overall performance. To embrace this new way of thinking, we have instituted Hu, or Human Performance, a new, integrated risk management approach to workplace safety and quality.

Standard practice employs a reactive approach to unwanted events while the Hu model understands that fallibility is part of the human condition. With Hu, we observe activities through a process called WORC: Work Observation and Risk Conversation, a system that fosters collaboration at all levels for resolving issues before and after the fact.

WORC is more than just a catchy acronym, it is constantly in use. In 2018 we conducted more than 1,600 work observations and our open reporting practices led to 1,409 implemented solutions. We also conducted approximately 2,700 post-job reviews, or after-task discussions, to support learning and improvement about what went wrong — as well as what went right. Hu also calls for pre-job briefings, where relevant personnel examine questions on equipment, potential mitigation strategies and all other aspects of the job at hand.

“Through Hu, we’ve addressed thousands of risk areas in our business,” said Amy Wilson, Director of Global Human Performance. “These proactive efforts are far outpacing our reactive efforts at a rate of 4:1 on the safety side and 3:1 on the quality side.”

Hu has also altered the metrics we focus on. While Days Away Case Rate (DACR) is still important, this new approach to safety recognizes that dealing with high-risk activities is different from lower-risk work. We are now more focused on making sure everyone is up-to-date on highest-risk training and tracking the age and completion of actions tied to higher-risk events. The goal of Hu is to continue to create an even safer workplace.

Our adoption of Hu has positioned us as a catalyst in the safety and quality space. We’ve been asked, and have gladly shared, our approach with other companies who hope to replicate our positive results.